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Smogon - Faction Edition

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Smogon - Faction Edition Empty Smogon - Faction Edition

Post  doraerawr on Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:25 pm

Hello there, I'm doraerawr, but my Minecraft IGN is "Shawnyall". I am currently the rank Noble in Turtlecraft.

I am the founder of the faction Smogon, which has gained its roots from an online community called "Smogon University". Our current members include myself, jfriedman227, penguin344, Wyverii, CactusMaster, and Skulkraken.

What are we doing?
The faction members and I are currently working on various projects, some of which include factories, interior decoration, and smooth integration of all the Tekkit mods into daily survival on the server.

Why should you apply?
This faction boasts a team committed to immediate success. We have multiple farms set up for EMC as well as food, and are not short on power either. For a relatively small faction, we are very smooth and efficient in all facets of the game.

How do you join?
We are always looking for new members - however, we do not believe in "blind trust". That is, people who want to be a part of our faction will have to earn it through an application process. This application process is extremely rigorous, and is on par with many faction applications on hardcore ban servers like hcfactions, etc.

You must be fast learning. In addition, you must have Skype as well as the ability to communicate with other faction members over IRC. You must be trustworthy and friendly. We are open to players that are new to Tekkit, as we ourselves are.

Please reply to this forum post with the application in its entirety. Failure to complete an application will lead to being blacklisted against our faction. Keep in mind that we do take into account spelling and grammatical errors. We feel that the best applicants are also well educated.

Time spent on Turtlecraft:
Time spent on Tekkit:
Time spent in Vanilla Minecraft:
Have you ever been accused of griefing? Why did you do it?
What are your strengths and weaknesses in Tekkit?
Why should we let you join Smogon?
What does Smogon mean to you?
What is the exact amount of EMC that a ghast tear gives?
What is the Pauli Exclusion Principle and how does it apply to Minecraft?
What is the difference between a circuit that is in parallel and a circuit that is in series? (Tests your Tekkit/engineering knowledge)
P=NP. True or false?
Bonus: Has anyone ever gone so far as ever to need more to do look more like?

Thanks for exploring the option of joining Smogon, and good luck! Smile

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