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Getting to Know - Ketgus

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Getting to Know - Ketgus Empty Getting to Know - Ketgus

Post  ketgus Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:38 pm

Hi there guys Very Happy well, im Ketgus, or, thats what im called, "ket" is the 3 first letters in my first name, and "gus" is three first in my last name Razz simple as that ^^

well, im from the cooold country (not actually that cold) Norway, im 18 years old, no job, and alot of school. and i play when i dont have anything to do Razz
im a computer geek, thats for sure, in several ways. atm i play Tekkit, League of Legends, and Guild Wars 2. and yeah, thats pretty much it...
btw, i do not bite! atleast not that hard..


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