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Post  planetguy Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:36 am

Our history:
At the start of the latest world, XdeathringzX and several other people founded the faction to get started. Eventually, most of them wanted to leave, and the faction was transferred to me. However, a lot of the chests in the base were never unlocked by those leaving.

About us:
Our faction is organized with projects: builds that we want everyone to help with. Currently we have one project to build a factory to make HV solar panels and a secret project.

Faction titles:
[TC] Before it shut down, those of us with this title played on a server called TomatoCraft.
[HV-leader] Leader of the HV solar factory project
[SP-leader] Leader of the secret project
[AdvTech] Ask gammaquad to explain this one...

planetguy Faction leader
gammaquad Faction officer, secret project leader
dinodude200 Faction officer, HV solar panel factory project leader

Joining us:
If you want to join our faction, we would prefer to know a bit about you.
- What is your Minecraft username? (If it's the same as your forum name please leave this out)
- When are you usually online? (GMT please)
- What mods are you most familiar with?

Rules, etiquette and details:
- If you need to use a machine in the machine shop (Above home base) but someone else's stuff is filling the output slot, move it to the chest in front of the canning machine.
- The cans in the chest in front of the canning machine are available for eating, but please do not take more than you need to refill your hunger and please put the empty cans in the canning machine.
- Most automation stuff is how it is for a good reason. If you didn't build a machine and aren't maintaining it, don't change it.
- Anything that can be condensed is worth almost nothing. If you need things with EMC values we will generally be happy to provide it.


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Post  gammaquad Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:18 pm

Hello there! I just found the page for the faction.

[AdvTech] title was supposed to be like advisers for Tekkit (who know a lot of technical stuff) or something? I was just playing around with the faction plugin titles that day Very Happy

Idea I have a new proposal for the faction: We are going to start an entirely new set of projects to replace the older ones.
These projects may be related to factories, games (games in games Wink ), buildings, houses, and other fun stuff Very Happy .
In effect, we will build an entire city with its own economy! The EMC gen will power everything for matter, the HV solar panels will power everything for electricity.

The factories and things will be where the HV factory site is right now. For now, we need to build a new notice board. Maybe computer or signs?

This operation, effect, initiative (I like the sound of that) will be our main goal right now.
However, we need architects. The filler will take most of the blank building, but what about decoration?
A Template Drawing Table and a Builder can take care of most shapes, too.
The point of this is so when we are done, we feel amazing. Life lesson here! lol! (no joke)

I have gotten started on RedPower, you may see the blulectric alloy and normal furnaces in the faction home. Use RedPower Frame Motors to your advantage while building!

I know a lot of things get boring if you use cheats. The EMC generator needs to be there because we don't want to quarry everywhere.

XdeathringzX, if you are reading this, please allow a few world-anchor type blocks per person, since you need the se usually. Maybe you can make a Trade-O-Mat at the new spawn that will sell a world anchor for 64RM, but ban the crafting recipe? Just suggesting.

This is one of the best servers to play Tekkit on. Keep it up!

By the way, I have Camtasia Studio, maybe I can record and upload on Youtube. (Perhaps Wink )

I'm sorry to say, this is a game but not real life, but enjoy it while it lasts Cool .

Thanks guys, please get more people to come to this page! Generalizing is always better.

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