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Donations - So what do YOU get?

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Donations - So what do YOU get? Empty Donations - So what do YOU get?

Post  Agimond Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:50 am

Well we can't just say go ahead, give us money. Its not right and in the wolrd of minecraft we all know that Equivelent Exchange can be a really benefitcial subject. So, What do you, the donator get for assisting us in keeping our community up and healthy?

#1: Mob Disguise - Why not play pranks on your friends in the server. Transforming yourself into mobs from the world of minecraft. Sneak up on Joe with yourself dressed as a creeper and they are sure to gasp when they turn around Very Happy Always good fun.

#2: Your own Personal Statue - We can't just say, here, have these items, thank you for your money and be done with it. That would be injustice towards you as the donater and us as the community. So we will create an NPC of you at the spawn area letting our future player know that you helped to make this community a little better. You could even personalize your message. Within reason ofcourse people Razz

#3: Nicknames - As we all know, we made our accounts thinking, Hey, this will be the log in name and my ingame name can be different. Well now it can, got a name thats a bit long for people to type? one that your not happy with? or just fancy a change? Well we will allow you to select your own personal nick name.

#4: Access to certain banned Items - The banned Item list is there to assist us in keeping the server in check but as paying customers we can't just let you come on here, thinking Ohhh im gonna have this mod and all its things and then Slap you with a ban can we? No so you will gain access to the Crafting Table 3 from the ban list. We may even review this option at a later date to add to the collection of items accessible to you from the ban List.

#5: 20 Diamond and Enchanted Pick Axe Pack - All these other options are all well and good but what could help you enjoy your time here on the server a little easier? Items. These Items will be given to you as an ingame progression thank you. We hope it makes your lives a little simpler know that the Diamond armour you always wanted is a little bit closer at hand now. This offer may also go under review and be added with a few extra goodies in the future.

Thank you to everyone who took their time to consider being a donator, we want you all to know that it means alot to us to receive such support from the community and if we could help you out anymore then please feel free to let us know. We want to make this server better for you and better for us.


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Donations - So what do YOU get? Empty Re: Donations - So what do YOU get?

Post  XdeathringzX Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:51 pm

Please change the font color if possible


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